4 Things Clients Want Most: The Secret to Gaining and Maintaining Happy Clients  – Part 1

These 4 things are what clients want more than anything else. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be revealing the 4 secrets to gaining and maintaining happy clients. It’s essential to the health of any business to leave a trail of happy clients. Without it, there’s no genuine, exuberant promotion from your clients and in this day and age, it’s vital.

#1 – Fewer but Better Choices

I like to use the fast food analogy when describing this first key, easy to understand and easy to visualize:

You walk into a fast food restaurant and you look at the menu board only to be met with a multitude of similar options. Single patty, double patty, triple patty, large size, larger size, cheese, no cheese, add lettuce, add bacon, add more bacon, wheat or gluten-free…you get the picture. Now, image that same board but each option can be viewed as better than the last: Beef, Chicken, Fish, Vegetarian… so much easier to make that first choice, isn’t it? Then, once you have made that first choice, it’s not such a struggle to customize and offering fewer and different options will continue to make it easy, fries or side salad, pop or water, large or small.

Key: When presenting your services, offer fewer but better (not similar) choices to help clients make that first choice to book you. Then, present fewer options but different options when customizing.

Easy choices make for a stress-free experience and also help a client feel confident about their decision afterwards.

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4 Things Clients Want: The Secret to Gaining and Maintaining Happy Clients  – Part 1