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Rainy Day Hair Tips with Colleen Conroy


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Colleen Conroy Makeup & Hair

With over ten years of experience as a Makeup Artist & Hairstylist, Moda Member Colleen Conroy has had the chance to work in many fields within the industry. While working as an artist at the notable MAC Cosmetics, she was handpicked for the Special Event Team leading to such opportunities as making up performers for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Closing Ceremonies. “I feel fortunate to be able to collaborate on a daily basis with many different talented artists, photographers, stylists, and directors from around the world.”

Holding a member status within the film union IATSE (Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto), Colleen has worked on such television series as Once Upon A Time, Almost Human, Fringe, Battlestar Gallactica, Stargate, Arrow, as well as various different films. Check out Colleen’s IMDB Credits here. Weekends are spent lovingly getting brides dolled up for their big day. “My passion continues to show through my work and I strive to create a unique and wonderful experience for each and every one of my clients.”

Colleen is also a contributor for FASHION Magazine’s Beauty Panel, where she joins other beauty experts in various challenges twice a month sharing tips and tricks to achieving different looks.

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Beat the Frizz

colleen conroy makeup and hair rainy day hair tips top knot with braid

Colleen Conroy has some great hair tips as we enter client season, especially for those of us who fight the frizz when it gets a little humid out.

“Living in Vancouver, the land of wind and rain, figuring out how to wear your hair when the weather isn’t quite so nice is a common challenge. Luckily there are some great options out there.

One of the easiest, and sometimes most put together look, is the classic topknot. It gets the hair right off the face (take that, wind!) and even if it gets a bit wet, it just looks sleeker (in your face, rain!). I always surprise myself when I wear this look. It is my I’m-late-for-work-and-I-just-don’t-have-time-for-my-hair look. Yet whenever I wear it, I get mega compliments.”


Rainy day hair tips with Colleen Conroy