Word From a Friend

Word From A Friend


A lovely friend told me this past week, “sometimes you just need to hear someone tell you that you’re awesome!” And she’s right. We all need encouragement.

So, here you go, “YOU’RE AWESOME!!”

We’re rooting for you, we’ll be here to sing your praises and be a hand to hold.

Have a wonderful sunny Sunday dear friends!

~ The Moda Team

Avoiding the Windfall Mentality

The Windfall Mentality: Don’t let ‘waiting’ steal your life

The Windfall Mentality. It’s every business person’s biggest time-stealer. Instead of working what you have in front of you, you’re constantly waiting for some special event to happen to you that will change everything for you, like winning the lottery. Rather than doing the same thing every day, waiting for that glorious ‘something’ to happen to you, you could be applying yourself to improve and grow your business, if you’re willing to put in the effort and that’s the key.

There’s an old proverb that says, “He who tills his land will have plenty of bread…”, meaning work what you have and you’ll see growth.

What has been a huge success for your business this past year? What product or service has been the most profitable? Ask yourself, ‘how can I increase this in my business?’ My encouragement for you this weekend is to go grab a friend, go for coffee and share with each other what has worked for your business this past year and brainstorm ideas that can help you increase that in your business.

Learn to grow what you have and it may turn out that you don’t need that lottery ticket.


The Right Client: Loyalty vs. Incentive

The Right Client: Loyalty vs. Incentive

Client loyalty is huge key to long-term growth and success for your business. Far too often though, we confuse the success of sales incentives (sales, bonuses, loyalty program, cash-back, gift with purchase, etc.) for client loyalty.

Here’s a quick way to identify loyal clients and incentive clients: Loyal clients will talk about the person/business first, then the product. An incentive client will ONLY talk about the price, product or convenience of the purchase. Have you ever noticed that?

Loyal Clients:

Truly loyal clients are those people who first and foremost connect with your WHY and because of that, they willingly choose you over a cheaper deal or a more convenient option just so they can have another opportunity to see your face, have your brand experience and continue to buy from you. Treat them like gold, treat them like family and you’ll see that they are your biggest cheerleaders to their friends and anyone who will listen to them rave about you. It takes time to cultivate a relationship like this but will prove valuable over the years.

Incentive Clients:

When clients don’t know or connect with your WHY, price and convenience become the deciding factors. They will only buy when there is an external incentive: sales, gimmicks, gift-with-purchase, etc… which can in the short-term produce high sales but the downside is now you constantly have to have some sort of promotion going on in order to bring these people in.  No one knows you, connects with you or shares about you because there is no connection in this scenario and so price and convenience take over.

Loyal clients connect to why you are in business, will remain with you through thick and thin and tell the world about you.  An incentive client will only be with you until the next guy rolls around with an even better offer than you and then they’re gone.

Your time is valuable, make sure you share your WHY, let people know about it and it will attract the right clients for you: those who connect with you and why you’re doing it. Treat them like gold and invest in the people who invest in you.

Client loyalty is a huge key to long-term growth and success for your business. Don’t confuse the success of sales incentives for loyalty.

Sparkling Swarovski Client Gifts

Sparkling Swarovski Gifts: Perfect for any wedding client

Swarovski  has long been a favourite of ours and now they have some beautiful accessories to add to their collection: Guest sign-in pens and memory stick USBs, all filled and covered with sparkling crystals, perfect for any wedding. These gifts start at only $38 for the pens and USBs come in both 4GB and 8GB starting at just $69!

In order from left to right:

  1. Crystalline Lady Ballpoint
  2. Crystalline Stardust Pen Rose Gold
  3. Crystalline Stardust Pen Silver
  4. Crystalline Strdust USB Pen
  5. Stellar Pen White
  6. USB Crystalline Memory Stick
  7. Crystalline Stardust Memory Stick
  8. Lovely Crystals USB Memory Stick

Who can say no to sparkles!

Check out more Swarovski gifts at Swarovski.com

Know your ‘WHY’ and your ‘HOW’

How will you accomplish your ‘WHY’?

Now that we understand knowing your ‘why’ is the guiding facet of your business, let‘s take a look at some well-known companies and see how they accomplish their ‘why’:


Coca-Cola’s ‘why’ basically reads like this:

Build sustainable, quality growth so we can refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference.

HOW they achieve their ‘why’ is clear in every area of the company.

– Refresh the world: They carry over 500 different products ranging from water to juice to sparkling drinks, something for everyone. They also have one of the world’s biggest distributions with products in over 200 countries.

– Inspire moments of optimism and happiness: This one is clearly seen in any Coke ad. It all stems around making someone happy or turning a situation around by the iconic ‘hand them a Coke’.

– Create value and make a difference: Coke has long been a supporter of communities, charities and a helping hand through organizations around the world for various causes.

Let’s take a look at another.


Lennox has been around since 1895 and continues to be one of the leaders in home and commercial air systems. Their ‘why’ is a little simpler than Coke’s but still important:

Be innovation leaders so people can be the most comfortable in their home or commercial space.

HOW they accomplish this is by:

– Being manufactures of energy-efficient products

– Delivering the most precise comfort available to homeowners

– Design systems that are exceptionally quiet and energy efficient

Lastly, let’s look at a company almost everyone has had some contact with in their life: LEGO!


LEGO’s ‘why’ is also simple but so meaningful and can be summed up in the following:

Committed to the development of children and inventing the future of play so we can inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.

HOW LEGO accomplished their why is:

– Offer a diverse line of building blocks ranging from DUPLO for toddlers then LEGO for kids and adults with their various themed sets for both girls and boys.

– Build theme parks celebrating creativity and innovative thinking for youngsters

– Offering inspirational behind-the-scenes tours of the company to children, students and groups of all ages with their Lego Inside Tours

Knowing your ‘why’ is the foundation of your business. It guides all actions, offerings and decisions, gives clarity for the future and fuel for the journey.

Do you know your ‘why’?

Know your ‘WHY’

Knowing ‘why’ changes everything

Why? Why am I doing this? You may have moments in your day when those words cross your mind or you’ve felt more and more like a slave to your work. If you have experienced this, as most of us have, chances are your ‘why’ is unknown or unclear.

Why do you do the things you love? It’s a very important question. In fact, it’s THE question you need answered BEFORE you ever start a business. If you don’t know ‘why’ you do something, how can you understand your goals and build a clear and solid vision for what you’ll be spending most of your life doing?

Starting a business doing the things you love is great. Knowing ‘why’ you love those things is even better! When you understand and discover the core reason why you love the things you do, it opens a whole world of greater clarity and vision for everything you’ll do.

When you know ‘why’, you’ll have a solid knowledge of:

– Your message

– Your ideal client

– Your style

– Your marketing plan

Your ‘why’ guides your business, helps make decisions more clear and identifies a purpose that will be your message in everything you do and offer.

To start on this journey, write down all of the things you love (you know, all of the things you daydream about and google when you should be working ♥) and really think about why you love them. Break it down to its simplest form, the base reason for why you do them…that core reason is the fuel of your business and will show you the course for the days ahead.

Tomorrow, we’ll examine some popular companies who live by their ‘why’. We’ll see how everything they do all leads back to their message, their reason, their ‘why’.

Desy Cheng: Work with the pros

Some of the perks of the job, you never know who you’re going to work with next. Photo taken with 90210 star Jason Priestley while working with him shooting a commercial.

What it takes to work with the pros

Sitting for hours sifting through reels and reels of first and B-role, slicing, cutting and piecing together not just a video but a moment in time that is re-lived every time it is watched, it is the art of video and it is no small feat.

The eye, the gear and the skill to masterfully piece together a cinematic film takes years of experience to make that final piece felt in the heart by the viewers and that is something Desy Cheng does with finesse. The first time we met Desy, in walked this slender fellow, very sharply dressed with a bright smile. If you’ve ever had the chance to work with Desy you know his great wit and never ending positivity, exactly the guy you want working along side you in the chaos of events and productions.

Not only has Desy and his team been creating wedding films for years with RF Weddings, he has now ventured out into a very successful start in the commercial world with his new production company, Paper Crane. To date, they have worked with big names such as EA Sports, Proctor & Gamble, Bench, Kijiji, Cactus Club Cafe and many more.

We asked Desy to share with us a little of what helps him achieve the “it” factor in his beautiful wedding and commercial films:

So what does it take?

Desy on location shooting a promo video watching the preview screen while the shot is taken.

1. A great slider:

A reliable cam slider is essential for giving variety in your video work. Used at every wedding and great for adding interest to the wedding details, venues and for wide angle shots of the activity. His favourite is the Motion 9 Linecam. Because of it’s small lightweight construction it stays glued to Desy’s tripod pretty much all day.  One benefit is that it extends when in-use which makes it super compact, travel friendly and easy to carry.  It is similar to the Edelkrone version but less expensive, smaller and lighter.

2. Sony A7s

After a year of testing the mirror-less Sony A7s, Desy was so blown  away with the quality it was producing that he changed his entire production system to make it their primary producer. In Desy’s opinion, it goes far beyond what their former Canon bodies were producing. One of its best features is the low-light sensitivity and high dynamic range when shooting in SLOG mode, giving the user the ability to capture images with less grain and more brightness in dimly lit situations. Video can be captured in cropped or full frame, in 4K and has an EVF to help balance the image in bright lighting. A bonus feature, by using an adapter you can still shoot with your Canon and Nikon lenses. No need to get replace all of your lenses saving you big bucks.

3. A monopod

If Desy had to choose only one piece of assisting gear that he could not live without, it would be a sturdy monopod. A good monopod will aid in keeping your shots steady, eliminating unsettling camera shake. Monopods are lightweight, low-profile  and versatile to get in and around small spaces, an essential when shooting wedding work. Large tripods take are quite intrusive on the scene making monopods the ideal choice when the job calls for a discreet footprint.

To see some of the AMAZING work Desy and his team are producing, check out the short videos below!

Recent wedding work shot on the amazing Sony A7s. Grab a tissue box!

FIFA trailer. I was blown away by all of the different shots used to make this piece, great work Desy!

Desy Cheng is the creative head of RF Weddings and Paper Crane Creative located in Vancouver, BC. They produce high-end wedding and commercial work using only the best gear and top creatives behind the cameras and we’re so happy to call them friends.

Jessica Williams for Alvina Valenta

Little known fact that while most major wedding gown companies choose to have their items made off-shore, every Alvina Valenta gown is made in their New York studio where Jessica can take part in the evolution of the design.

Jessica Willams: An inside look at Alvina Valenta

It’s morning in bustling New York City and head designer for Alvina Valenta, Jessica Williams, is walking her daughter and son past the neighbourhood markets’ ombre of side-walk roses, hyacinths and daisies and the lifting aromas of the local baker’s bread to their respective preschool and daycare. She then hops on the subway taking her to Manhattan and the Alvina Valenta design studio.  With Florence and the Machine flowing through her ear buds, she takes her place amongst her fellow Brooklynites, enjoying casual observations of her fellow commuters’ outfits du jour, and relishing her “private” reading time. About twenty-five minutes later, she exits the subway and weaves through the crowds of New Yorkers intent on their exit to the daylight. Emerging from the depths of the subway station and suddenly surrounded by buildings towering to the sky, Jessica picks up her pace, ever energized by the city vitality that sparked her imagination from her first travels there years ago. She stops briefly for her morning coffee and then continues through the Garment District to the JLM Couture design headquarters, where she greets her team and starts playing with all of the gorgeous silks, laces and beaded embroideries that will transform into one of her new bridal gown developments.

Some of Jessica’s hand-drawn sketches from past collections.

Jessica grew up in a small town and enrolled at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) where she learned her trade, building on her foundation of sewing given to her by her mother and grandmother. After graduating in 2000, she landed a job at the prestigious St John Knits, in California. There, she was exposed to the glamorous and the luxurious world of special occasion clothing. Being surrounded by lush fabrics and detailed beading, it wasn’t long before it took root. She had found her calling. Following her time at St. John, she went to live in New York City where she came to work for the JLM Group at Alvina Valenta in 2009.

Unlike most large wedding gown makers who have their products made overseas, every gown from Alvina Valenta is constructed in New York City. Having the gowns so close at hand means that Jessica can personally work alongside the highly skilled team of pattern-makers and sample makers every day; draping, changing and evolving the original design until the final look is achieved.

It can take up to 20 different artisans and craftsmen to complete one gown. From the pattern drafting to the hand crafted Alençon lace from France, each element is skilfully constructed and assembled.

Jessica believes in putting her passion and personal touch into every design. One of the ways she accomplishes this is by spending hours, hand designing every embroidery piece featured on her gowns. She believes the elements should have dimension and interest in the details. She works with French, Italian and Spanish lace-makers, incorporating traditional and modern designs and combining intricate fabrics, beadwork, crystals and pearls into her gowns. As Jessica looks back over the years, one thing she is very proud of is that you can see her signature on the custom embroidery and beading in her collections, leaving a little piece of her in every Alvina gown. She describes her touch to be vintage-inspired, intricate, romantic and luxurious.  Her unique style creates distinction among wedding gowns and evolves with each new season.

Some of the challenges she faces with a new collection include deciding how to simplify both her creativity and the current fashion trends in order to blend effortlessly with the iconic, luxe romance that Alvina Valenta brides seek. For the coming collection, “Royalty of every sort” is a theme Jessica will be exploring. Light, airy, romantic silhouettes will be paired with soft colours and luxe details. They will feature exciting new lace techniques and unique fabric layering, elements fit for both princesses and queens!”

Jessica believes in putting her passion and personal touch into every design. One of the ways she accomplishes this is by spending hours, hand designing every embroidery piece featured on her gowns. She believes the elements should have dimension and interest in the details.

See more of Jessica’s stunning creations at Alvina Valenta online

For all of you west coast readers, you can take an in-person look at the beautiful embroidery of Alvina Valenta at Bisou Bridal in downtown Vancouver!

Bite-size SEO for Pinterest

To a creative brain, SEO (search engine optimization) for my website, Pinterest, Facebook and the likes, is not the first thing that excites us about business. In fact, I would say that most of us do not look forward to the time we need to invest in learning and applying the tactics to move our business along with the times. I’ll be honest, going over even just a few steps loses me quite quickly. I’d rather be working on my photos and the “pretty” aspects of my business, like packaging and tangible materials (ask anyone who knows me), I’m a sucker for attractive packaging! More on that in a later post 🙂

As I’m sure most creative people are like me, more into the visual and less into the technical, I wanted to make the much-needed and unavoidable task of keeping up with the internet ‘Jonses’, easy by presenting some simple yet effective tips in bite-sized posts. One at a time.

Take the time to read and then go do. That seems to be how to make things stick in today’s world rather than rattling off a huge laundry list of steps. Let’s learn it so it becomes habit and not something we forget.

Tip for today: Pinterest Board Names, Board Description & Pin Descriptions

For those of you who frequent Pinterest quite regularly, you’ll notice how popular some pins get by being found when you search for them using the search toolbar. That is not by accident. There is a method to the finding. Real quick and simple, let’s break it down:

-When creating a new board, name it as close to if not exactly what it’s about. If you’re pinning wedding dresses for example, if they are all from one designer, name the board the designer and possibly include the collection. If it’s a variety of designers, name them in the board description. You may call the board “Wedding Dresses Spring 2015” and in the description you would list the names of the designers included. Use words that will describe what they will find on that board.

-When pinning the photo/content, don’t be vague in the pin description. Be specific and try to include what the pin features. Taking the wedding dress for example, you would put “Suzy Davis spring wedding dresses 2015, a-line, perfect summer wedding dress”. Also add a link to more information about your pin. A great exercise is to see what pins are getting a large number of re-pins and take a look at what they are including in the pin description, if you need help. As we mentioned in an earlier post “Features vs. Benefits” tell people in the description how this pin will benefit them, ie. save time, money, look more beautiful…to entice them to click.

Stay tuned next week as well be hearing from our good friend Feuza Reis as she shares her bite-sized SEO tips for Facebook, Instagram and more!

Lost your files and photos?

You go to your computer, plug in your external hard drive, turn it on but nothing happens. The power is connected, the drive is on but it’s just not showing up in your computer navigation. Hard drive fail!

We had the unfortunate event of having a hard drive full of our personal photos corrupt on us last year. If you’ve ever been in that situation, you know it is one of the most awful feelings, the feelings of “I should have” and beating yourself up over not backing up your files and feeling like there’s nothing you can do. We’ve all had this happen, be it a complete crash or accidental deletion of files or formatting of disks.

Data recovery can cost you big bucks (like $$$-$$$$) so here are some things you can do to protect yourself from having this happen or to at least mitigating the loss. Let’s go over a few preventative tips:


1. Never store your files all in one place.

We’ve all heard the term, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, the same goes for storing your digital property. Our best suggestion is to actually have it in 3 different locations. One copy on your computer, for easy accessibility if working on the files regularly. Have a second on an external drive or USB and third, off-site in a cloud-base or online back up should anything ever happen to your home of office.

2. Do your research about storage devices before you buy.

The main reason we had this recent incident was due to a faulty generation of hard drives. We later found out that it was a very common problem occurring in the drives we had bought. Talk to the tech guys at the store and do a review search online before buying.

3. Choose a solid state hard drive if given the option.

Yes, solid state hard drives (drives that have the same sort of guts as a USB, no moving parts) are a lot more expensive but this can also save you from the risks that come with traditional hard drives. There are a lot fewer parts that can burn out, break or malfunction.

4. When downloading new files, download to all 3 places.

We all get busy and can forget to back up our files so if you make it a habit, just suck it up and take the time to download the files to all 3 of your storage places at one time, you will thank yourself later if anything goes wrong.


Ok, now for the big part. If you have lost or deleted files, there are a few different things you can do to save or mitigate the loss of the data.

Accidentally deleted files from a USB, memory card or camera, STOP USING THE STORAGE DEVICE AND DO NOT PLACE ANY MORE DATA ON IT!! In most cases this is a simple recovery and you can easily find a free software that will be able to recover the data. Most cameras will come with such a program. The important thing is to not erase the current data by overwriting it with new data. If you proceed to go and take more pictures or add new files to the device, you run the risk of erasing the previous data from the device.

If your hard drive will turn on but not connect to the computer, sometimes this is due to a faulty housing so you may try to remove the hard drive and place it into another identical housing to see if it turns on. If you are not comfortable with doing that or if your device warranty nullifies if you open the device, take it to the appropriate persons to have it looked at.

This is what happened to us and it wound up being a corrupt partition and we used Remo Recover (totally worth the money) which was able to access the drive and pull all of the information off. It took a few days to run its course but we got them back. This software was what the recovery company used but they didn’t do it properly so I downloaded it myself and thank God, was able to get all of the data off. Once the program had run its check, even though the file folders showed zero kb as the folder size, I opened the folder in the program and all of the files appeared. So don’t go by what the file folder kb says, actually look inside the folder to see if there are any files there.

If the hard drive won’t turn on, you dropped your hard drive or files are showing as partial and corrupt, this is the job for the experts and you’re going to have to prepare yourself to spend some cash. Data recovery can range anywhere from $100-$1000+ depending on what needs to be done so do yourself, and your wallet, a favour and take the steps to protect your data and stop putting it off! Listen to that little voice reminding you that you should back up your stuff, before it’s too late. Your memories and hard work are worth a couple of hours of your day.  (I’m backing up right now too!)

Happy feet, Comfy feet

For years, I have been trying to find really supportive work shoes that don’t look like I stole them from my grandmother’s closet. It seems that there are lots of brands to choose from but I find style to be quite lacking. I spend anywhere from 12-16hrs on my feet while photographing a wedding and it’s important to me that I’m not damaging the sole of my foot. I’ve had foot injuries before and it’s not fun. It affects your whole life. But, I also like to look somewhat stylish and functional at the same time

We spoke with Dr. Alice Wong from Evergreen Foot and Ankle who gave us a list of 3 important things to have in your shoe closet to help maintain healthy feet, especially for those of us who spend hours on end being upright.

Keep your feet happy and healthy by adding these 3 things to your shoe shopping list:

1. Choose a sole that has a non-slip or slip resistant sole, more on the thicker side for good protection form the elements.

2. Vary your heel height and shoe width to give your foot a rest and to accommodate for swelling that may occur during the day

3. Opt for a compression sock, either over-the-counter or prescription to help reduce swelling and give a little extra comfort.

We found some great companies who are focused on making well supported shoes all the while having some decent fashion sense.

Evergreen Foot and Ankle Specialist

Dr. Wang has extensive foot/ankle trauma and reconstructive surgical training. In March 2011, she presented her research on flatfoot reconstruction at the annual national meeting for the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

Dr. Wang holds a bachelor degree from University of British Columbia. While taking pre-medicine courses at the university, she became interested in the field of podiatry due to her own foot problems. In 2008, she received a doctorate degree in Podiatric Medicine from the California School of Podiatric Medicine. She then accepted a three-year surgical residency position at the renowned Legacy Health / Kaiser Permanente Hospital Foundation in Portland, Oregon.

Keep your feet happy and healthy by adding these 3 things to your shoe shopping list with Dr. Alice Wang

Customers buy benefits, not features.

Customers buy benefits not features. What’s the difference?

Grab a pen and write down three reasons why someone should do business with you instead of the other guy? Did your answer consist of listing features about your business: facts, what you have, what you offer? Or did you mention the benefit of what you provide? What you can do for the client is not what you have for the client. There is a big difference.

You are either selling the features of your business (what you have for the client) or selling the benefits of your business (what you can do to improve the life of the client). Simply put, how is what you’re selling going to improve the life of the buyer? Will it make them healthier? Save them money? Save them time?  Those are benefits.

The honest truth is that in the beginning, customers and clients don’t really care about you or what you have. What they do care about is how you are going to make them look and feel using your products or services. Why do you buy luxury brands instead of generic ones? Often times, the quality of the actual product may only differ slightly (with some exceptions, of course) but the main reason we buy luxury brands is because of how they make us look and feel. The benefits of those brands are that they “make us more beautiful”, “feel more important”, “appear richer” and those are the reasons we buy. For example we don’t buy a wallet because it’s “100% leather construction”, a feature, unless that leather comes from an organic farm with a humane process which will tell the world by our purchase that we care for the environment, the benefit. Do you see the difference? For the most part, people buy based on benefits not on features. Take a look at your last big purchase, why did you choose that product over the runner-up? Did it save you money? Was it more convenient? Knowing the benefits of what you sell is a major key to developing a successful marketing strategy.

It is important to know why your best customers choose you rather than the other guy. Ask them why, you may discover that you’re providing benefits you didn’t even know mattered to your clients. Compare your customer’s list of benefits to what you think are your important benefits. Are they in-line with each other, are they completely different? Have you been promoting the benefits that the clients care most about?

“People don’t buy based on how a product looks, they buy based on how a product will make them look and feel.”

I really want you to understand the difference. Let’s take the selfie-stick, for example. The features of the stick are carbon fibre construction, universal clip, and comes in a variety of bright colours.

Benefits of those features are:

Main benefit of the selfie-stick = beautiful photos with you in them

carbon fibre = lightweight so your arm won’t get sore from holding it

universal clip = saves you money from buying a clip specific to your phone

bright colours = easy to find it if you lose it

See the difference? Do you want to buy a selfie-stick now?

Now, use that list of benefits, from your customers and from your own examination, to compare to your competition. Cross out the common benefits that you both offer and what you’re left with is your competitive advantage. Is it a strong difference? Can you promote these benefits to make them matter more to your clients and prospects? When prospects don’t have enough information about the benefits, they will default to the next thing that matters…money! We don’t want to get caught in that downward spiral. The ideal strategy is where your benefits are so strong and talked about that money becomes secondary, not first, in their decision process.

If you want a recharge on your business, help identify and shape a game plan to take you where you want to go, I highly recommend reading Guerrilla Marketing in 30 days by Jay Conrad Levinson & Al Lautenslager. It is jam-packed with exercises to lead you to discover what your business really needs to move forward. You can find it here on Amazon

People buy based on how you will make them look and feel. Sell your benefits, not only your features.

Clients not calling back? This could be why!

We all know that feeling when we’ve had a client’s first consultation, we go through our presentation and hope and pray that they will choose us but they leave the meeting with a somewhat low energy and quiet demeanour. With our experience, we know that the client will probably not be calling us back.  Most of us, in efforts to slough off the lack of enthusiasm would say to ourselves, “they probably weren’t the right client for me”. But was that really the case? Or did we somehow influence the meeting to make the client feel this way, resulting in not booking that client?

When I first came across Mark Bowden’s Ted Talk about using your body to effectively create a positive and engaging atmosphere, I was floored when I tried these techniques in the real world and saw a HUGE change in the interactions and responses I saw from real people. I also identified the bad habits I was unknowingly impressing on my clients. It was amazing to see the success I saw from these simple but effective techniques and with practice, they will become apart of how you communicate.

We contacted Mark to give us, as artistic professionals, a short series of videos that will help us create the right environment that will leave the clients with positive feelings of connection to you and your work.

Here’s what Mark had to say for us in part 1:

“When you are a creative professional one of the hardest things to do is sell your work. It’s almost impossible to detach yourself from it. It’s personal. It can be difficult to be honest about how great you and your work really are! You can tend to be all too modest and undersell yourself to the point of appearing anxious and dejected about your work. This attitude and behaviour can really deaden the atmosphere around your work. Instead you need to inspire people to work with you every time you speak.

Here is a short video giving you my top techniques for coming across as an inspirational creative rather than a starving artist!” :

Leave us a comment and let us know how you see improvement in how people respond to your communication.

Mark Bowden is an expert in body language and the the creator of TRUTHPLANE®, a presentation training company and unique methodology for anyone who has to communicate with impact. He is the author of many best selling body language books, giving keynote speeches worldwide. I highly recommend getting his books here and see more on his website.


Clients not calling back? Ever wonder if it’s you or them? Join Body Language expert, Mark Bowden as he shares life changing techniques that just might save your business.

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