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MELIA SORENSONLucida Photography
Vancouver, BC
Maui, HI

“I take inspiration from my clients first and foremost. The mood and aesthetic of the day and place are drawn upon so we can achieve elegant authenticity.”

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I’ve been very fortunate to have been a full time wedding photographer in Vancouver for the last twelve years. I began my career in 2001 when I was completing my bachelor of fine arts at Emily Carr Institute (now University) of Art and Design. Although I went on to graduate studies at the University of British Columbia after my BFA, it eventually became clear that wedding photography was going to be the way forward for me to fulfill my creative potential on a professional full time basis, all the while being involved in some of the happiest occasions of life. It has been an honour to be involved with weddings from cultural traditions originating all over the world which share Vancouver as home.

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