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CARLY ANDERSONTerminal City Club
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“We offer a unique blend of tradition, modern amenities, and breathtaking spaces so we can help you host the event of your dreams.”

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Terminal City Club occupies a modern, multi-functional high-rise in the heart of Vancouver’s financial district. Terminal City Club has always been at the heart of Vancouver’s business, both literally and figuratively; its past and present members include some of the city’s biggest movers and shakers. There is no better place in Vancouver to meet people and make connections that can have a lasting impact upon you, your business, and the city itself.

In 2008, the club went under a $3 million dollar renovation to update and restore the overall look of the club and restaurants. Its crowning jewel is the original 1892 stained glass dome towering over the grand entrance to the main ballroom. This piece, and many others, they incorporated into the new building when it moved back in the 1990’s.

Boasting many options for events and weddings, the Club has an array of rooms and ballrooms to suit any need. The Terminal City Club really is a beautiful venue, both inside and out and is worth a visit to experience over 100 years of tradition and excellence.

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