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“I believe wholeheartedly in investing my time in personal interactions and connections so I can have a lifelong relationship with my clients.”

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About Us

I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years and yes, I still love what I do! I continue to work hard at perfecting my craft and creating images that are not only beautifully crafted, but also meaningful and soul-fulfilling.

There is a classic timelessness to images that I absolutely love.  Moments that were once fleeting and forgotten are now sealed into the archives of our lives.  Images help transport us back to our emotions and thoughts, to help recreate authentic stories captured with just one still frame.  And me, I get the opportunity to be that creative visionary for every single wedding and portrait couple I photograph.  What an incredible honour it is for me to be that storyteller for you and to be given the trust to breath beauty and life into images that relive the joyful moments and details from your most cherished day.

When I’m not behind the camera I’m in front of a class teaching both wedding photography & business courses to aspiring photographers at some of Vancouver’s most popular photography programs.  I really enjoy engaging students in a fun and challenging learning environment and being a mentor to those who love photography.

Our Recent Work:

aletown_Wedding_Gallery bride on window bench

aletown_Wedding_Gallery groomsmen in front of Fairmont brass doors

aletown_Wedding_Gallery groom carrying bride

aletown_Wedding_Gallery couple kissing seen through window

aletown_Wedding_Gallery engagement photos in Vancouver aquarium

aletown_Wedding_Gallery engagement photos in Vancouver art gallery

aletown_Wedding_Gallery bride with blowing veil across face

aletown_Wedding_Gallery bride in candlelight

aletown_Wedding_Gallery bride and groom in snowy mountains

aletown_Wedding_Gallery groomsmen in sitting lounge

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