An Interview with Cindy Liu from Premier Love

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“We capture your vision so we can unveil and share your intimate stories.”


Get caught up with Cindy Liu of Premier Love as she shares a few keys she discovered on her journey in the video world of weddings.

M: Why did you start your business?

C: I have always been passionate about photography and cinematography, as a medium of expression. I never had a specific dream job in mind but I knew I always wanted to work in the creative field so I could to share my work with the world.

My background has always involved some form of media. As a film major graduate and former show host of a local radio station, I was continuing to improve on a variety of communication skills that would help me create engaging content that appeals to a wider audience. It’s important to create content that the masses can connect to.

Every wedding is a different project and I get to work with different people all the time. Doing that helps widen my horizons and keeps me excited to learn something new, every time.

M: What has been the best thing you’ve learned so far?

C: I feel it’s extremely important to connect to your clients. Weddings are a very personal occasion so I go to great lengths to ensure my clients feel comfortable. I especially feel that an individual salesperson may a not click with every client, every time. If you feel you may not be able to work well with someone, it’s better that you don’t take their business. From my experience, it’s more frustrating dealing with the clients you don’t click with. To further yourself, I think it’s important to understand why you couldn’t make a connection with that client and try to isolate the reasons so you can improve upon them for next time. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and sell yourself. You’ll click with the right people.

M: Where does your inspiration come from?

C: My inspiration comes from all of the amazing professionals around me. Watching other entrepreneurs give 110% effort every time inspires me to also work hard and give my best.

M: How do you get motivated if you find yourself creatively stuck?

C: I watch dog videos on Youtube, just kidding! I get inspired with other people’s work, seeing something new, trying something different. It’s easy to fall into a cycle of doing what’s comfortable but with social media, I can get exposed to a wide variety of other artists every day.

See more of Cindy’s beautiful video and photo work here: Website

An Interview with Cindy Liu from Premier Love