Flower Inspiration: Celosia

I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty and colour of flowers. They are one of my biggest inspirations when it comes time to design editorials. During one shoot, I realized that I knew very little about flowers and what kind are best for certain situations. I thought if I wanted to learn more about these beautiful balls of colour, I’m sure many others would too.

Tuesdays are dedicated to celebrating and learning about the unique characteristics and info about the flowers we see and admire in the world of weddings.

We’ve paired this month’s posts with our Colour of the Month: Pantone 7416


Another one of my favourite flowers that you don’t see too often at weddings. They are such an interesting flower with so many bright colour varieties and a natural resistance to warm temperatures; it’s a perfect modern summer flower.

Interesting fact:

Celosia comes in both crested (cockscomb) and plume (wool flower) varieties. Crested celosia is a result of man-made cultivation. Only the plumed are found naturally. Celosia comes from a Greek word meaning “burning,” because of the vibrant reds and oranges found in this species.

Growing Country: China, Africa, North & South America.

Colour variations: Reds to peach, pink, yellow, orange, and light green.

Availability: Peak June-September.

Best used for: Bouquets, Décor, Centrepieces, boutonnières.

Strengths: Very hardy, excellent for summer weddings. Striking neon colours.

Weaknesses: Not as traditional.

Average cost per stem in season: $5-$6 per stem.