Happy feet, Comfy feet

For years, I have been trying to find really supportive work shoes that don’t look like I stole them from my grandmother’s closet. It seems that there are lots of brands to choose from but I find style to be quite lacking. I spend anywhere from 12-16hrs on my feet while photographing a wedding and it’s important to me that I’m not damaging the sole of my foot. I’ve had foot injuries before and it’s not fun. It affects your whole life. But, I also like to look somewhat stylish and functional at the same time

We spoke with Dr. Alice Wong from Evergreen Foot and Ankle who gave us a list of 3 important things to have in your shoe closet to help maintain healthy feet, especially for those of us who spend hours on end being upright.

Keep your feet happy and healthy by adding these 3 things to your shoe shopping list:

1. Choose a sole that has a non-slip or slip resistant sole, more on the thicker side for good protection form the elements.

2. Vary your heel height and shoe width to give your foot a rest and to accommodate for swelling that may occur during the day

3. Opt for a compression sock, either over-the-counter or prescription to help reduce swelling and give a little extra comfort.

We found some great companies who are focused on making well supported shoes all the while having some decent fashion sense.

Evergreen Foot and Ankle Specialist

Dr. Wang has extensive foot/ankle trauma and reconstructive surgical training. In March 2011, she presented her research on flatfoot reconstruction at the annual national meeting for the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

Dr. Wang holds a bachelor degree from University of British Columbia. While taking pre-medicine courses at the university, she became interested in the field of podiatry due to her own foot problems. In 2008, she received a doctorate degree in Podiatric Medicine from the California School of Podiatric Medicine. She then accepted a three-year surgical residency position at the renowned Legacy Health / Kaiser Permanente Hospital Foundation in Portland, Oregon.

Keep your feet happy and healthy by adding these 3 things to your shoe shopping list with Dr. Alice Wang