Clients not calling back? This could be why!

We all know that feeling when we’ve had a client’s first consultation, we go through our presentation and hope and pray that they will choose us but they leave the meeting with a somewhat low energy and quiet demeanour. With our experience, we know that the client will probably not be calling us back.  Most of us, in efforts to slough off the lack of enthusiasm would say to ourselves, “they probably weren’t the right client for me”. But was that really the case? Or did we somehow influence the meeting to make the client feel this way, resulting in not booking that client?

When I first came across Mark Bowden’s Ted Talk about using your body to effectively create a positive and engaging atmosphere, I was floored when I tried these techniques in the real world and saw a HUGE change in the interactions and responses I saw from real people. I also identified the bad habits I was unknowingly impressing on my clients. It was amazing to see the success I saw from these simple but effective techniques and with practice, they will become apart of how you communicate.

We contacted Mark to give us, as artistic professionals, a short series of videos that will help us create the right environment that will leave the clients with positive feelings of connection to you and your work.

Here’s what Mark had to say for us in part 1:

“When you are a creative professional one of the hardest things to do is sell your work. It’s almost impossible to detach yourself from it. It’s personal. It can be difficult to be honest about how great you and your work really are! You can tend to be all too modest and undersell yourself to the point of appearing anxious and dejected about your work. This attitude and behaviour can really deaden the atmosphere around your work. Instead you need to inspire people to work with you every time you speak.

Here is a short video giving you my top techniques for coming across as an inspirational creative rather than a starving artist!” :

Leave us a comment and let us know how you see improvement in how people respond to your communication.

Mark Bowden is an expert in body language and the the creator of TRUTHPLANE®, a presentation training company and unique methodology for anyone who has to communicate with impact. He is the author of many best selling body language books, giving keynote speeches worldwide. I highly recommend getting his books here and see more on his website.


Clients not calling back? Ever wonder if it’s you or them? Join Body Language expert, Mark Bowden as he shares life changing techniques that just might save your business.