The Custom Experience – Minichiello Jewellers

Minichiello client, Michael Bublé, showing off his gold wedding band with Crestina. He has bought many pieces including a four-band diamond cocktail ring (photo below) and created a custom necklace for his mother.

The Custom Experience

I am a sucker for shiny things. I have a hard time resisting the glit and shine of attractive retail packaging, accents on objects and of course, jewellery. I, like many women, have an affinity for sparkly things and after being in the wedding industry, surrounded by crystal, jewels and all things beautiful, I still get stopped in my tracks when I pass by jewellery shops and eye-catching window displays.

I must say though that I had very little knowledge when it came to the custom experience and the highly detailed work and craftsmanship that goes into custom jewellery. When I worked with Minichiello Jewellers photographing their custom jewellery collection (which they have been masters at for over 50 years), I was so eager to pick their brains about the process as I too was looking into having a few custom pieces made.

Minichiello Jewellers was started by Fred Minichiello, back in 1958. Today, the company is run by his wife, Sharon and his two daughters, Crestina and Deena. His son-in-law, Danny Amado is the current manager. They excel at quality customer service and it’s no surprise, they are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. They are patient and kind and will take the time to explain the information you need to make a quality decision throughout the custom design process.

From left to right: Deena Minichiello, Danny Amado, Crestina Minichiello, Sharon Minichiello

The Process:

It starts with an idea or a collection of inspirational photos brought in by the client. They will discuss what the client is wanting in the finished piece and how it will be worn. Is it an everyday piece, an heirloom or for special occasions? All of these elements play a part in the materials and stones used in the final piece.

Next, they will help you choose the perfect stones for the piece. All of Minichiello’s stones are independently appraised, meaning that they are graded and documented exactly as the stones are, without owner bias so you know exactly what you are getting. Minichiello’s only uses stones with a quality high cut and with a colour grade of D-G.

Next, they move to the wax mold as a preview before the piece goes into production. Each design receives a complimentary wax mould to ensure that the client has an accurate representation of the final piece. Here, they discuss any changes or modifications that will need to be made.

Final steps are production and gem setting and then presentation to the client.

Production time averages around 3 weeks from sketch to finished piece.

The Ring:

Engagement and Wedding rings are one of their specialities and they have always produced classic designs to ensure it will always look tasteful and timeless on the wearer.

With their showroom conveniently located in the Rogers Building, downtown, pop in to say hi and try on a few pieces. You just might have to leave with a little sparkle for yourself!

With a brand new online store, Minichiello’s is excited to be bringing you new and exciting pieces this coming year, adding to an already stunning collection of custom and fine Italian jewellery.

See more of their custom work here or visit their website

The Rogers Building
Suite #405 – 470 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5

Tel: 604-685-4439
Fax: 604-685-4430

The Team:

Sharon Minichiello – Owner
Danny Amado – Operations Manager
Crestina Minichiello – Social Media and Customer Relations
Deena Minichiello – Graduate Gemologist and Creative Director
Karen Buder – PR and Diamond Specialist
Cobie Samet – Diamond Specialist

Minichiello Jewellers’ history spans over five decades originating as Vancouver’s first ‘wholesale to the public’ jewellery destination. Founded in 1958 by Fred Minichiello, and quickly became synonymous for quality, service and fine craftsmanship.