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An Interview with Niche Events’ Maria Schollen

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“As wedding stylists, we tell your story and create a visual experience that threads through each step of your wedding so we can celebrate who you both are and connect that theme with your guests.”


Get caught up with Maria Schollen of Niche Events as she shares a few keys she discovered on her journey in the décor world of weddings.

Niche-Events-moda wedding professionals- maria schollen

M: Why did you start your business?

MS: I am an entrepreneur by nature. I started my first business in college designing swimwear and fitness-wear . The company never took off but I was always destined to work for myself. After several careers, I went back to school for event planning and met a wonderful mentor whom I worked with for over 5 years. I quickly learned that the not-for-profit industry was not the right fit for me. Although, meaningful, it didn’t always pay the bills. While working, I discovered that I had a flair for design and floral so I decided to start my business in the fall of 2011.

M: What did you want to be when you grew up?

MS: I actually wanted to be a fashion designer. I went to school for 4 years at Kwantlen College and graduated with a diploma in fashion arts and marketing. I have a very European style, classic and timeless. That style also appeals to a very broad market in the wedding industry.

M: What is the best thing you learned over the years?

MS: My company finally opened it’s very first studio in November 2015.  It was one of the happiest moments in my business life. You need a great support team.  I have been very lucky to have my husband support me through all of my crazy business ventures. My parents were always there for me and for the last three years, my assistant, Jeanine Wilk, has been my rock. One of the most profound things I’ve learned, though sometimes the hard way, was that if you try to compete on price you will be out of business very soon. 

M: Where does your inspiration come from?

MS: Wow, everywhere!  There is so much inspiration out there. I love anything to do with history or with Europe.  I design a lot around the flowers that I love. If you get stuck creatively, start at the beginning and examine what you’re trying to design. Work on one problem at a time.  It usually works itself out.


swan-e-set wedding reception decor with topiaries in peach and white Niche-Events-moda wedding professionals- maria schollen

bride sitting at wedding reception table outdoors near cherry blossoms Niche-Events-moda wedding professionals- maria schollen

Niche-Events-moda wedding professionals- maria schollen pink and tan wedding reception decor with bride sitting on the floor

Niche-Events-moda wedding professionals- maria schollen pink peony wedding bouquet

Niche-Events-moda wedding professionals- maria schollen hydrangea wedding reception

Niche-Events-moda wedding professionals- maria schollen hydrangea wedding reception

Niche-Events-moda wedding professionals- maria schollen pink rose wedding bouquet with green on a yellow chair


See More of Maria’s beautiful work, visit her Website

An Interview with Niche Events’ Maria Schollen

Floral Tuesday: Going Green

Green: Not your usual floral go-to.

living wall giant

Photo: Green Roofs

Green is such an underused colour for weddings. There are so many kinds, textures and hues that you can use to create a stunning piece. One of the most beautiful advances in greenery design are the living walls you see around town, what genius and what great inspiration! Exposing stems, foliage and introducing new plants that may not be the regulars. Greenery is a great arena to explore for infinite possibilities.

One of our favourite inspiration moments was when we were driving the Hana Highway at 5am on Maui one year. The sun was just coming up and all you could see were the rolling hills and steep cliffs just covered in every emerald hue imaginable. The bamboo forest is an amazing place as well. What a stunner that would be to come into a reception venue looking as if you walked out into paradise!

Try to go beyond the norm, what’s been done before and look at the amazing new things coming out of the world of landscape design. Green can be used in so many facets from the bouquet, ceremony backdrop, centerpieces and even guest favours of topiaries or small succulents.

This is one of our favourite inspirations and we hope it will open up a whole new world when you think of decor for your next event.

living wall succulents


baby's breath centerpiece

Photo: Vancouver Club

hanging greenery wedding

Photo: Christian Oth

green wedding reception

Photo: Vancouver Club

shrub wedding favour

Photo: Vancouver Club

greenery wedding reception

Photo: Josh Gruetzmacher

green and white reception decor

Photo: Niche Event Stylists & Simply Sweet Photography

Try going a little green this year and experiment with all of nature’s emerald hues.

Going green: Not your usual floral suspects

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