Hatley Castle – Victoria’s Royal Gem

Hatley Castle: Victoria’s Royal Gem

If you’ve never been to Hatley Castle in Victoria, you’re in for quite a treat! As one of the few historic buildings we have here on the west coast, it’s like taking a step back into a time of elegant parties, formal dinner jackets and scenes of a by gone era.

The Castle was built as a country residence for James Dunsmuir, son of the former Premier, Robert Dunsmuir between 1908 and 1909. It sits on a 260-hectare estate surrounding the large castle which used to serve as the Royal Roads Military College. It is now a popular destination for weddings seeking a grandeur that can be found nowhere else.

The wood panelled rooms and large fireplaces give the interior a naturally warm atmosphere in contrast to the heavy stone of the exterior. The beautiful gardens which bloom in all their glory, around mid-May, is best savoured on a relaxing stroll around the property.

It’s the perfect setting for weddings, photoshoots and family portraits, it has something for everyone.

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