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Interview with Nomo Akisawa from Simply Sweet Photography


“I am a big dreamer. I truly believe that chasing your dreams is one of the most important things in life and the key to having a successful career.”

Get caught up with Nomo Akisawa of Simply Sweet Photography as she shares a few keys she discovered on her journey to living her dream.

M: Why did you start your business?

N: I had fallen in love with photography back in my high school days, so much so that I failed high school because of it! 

I lived in Edmonton for a bit – and I was following this amazing photographer.  When I moved back here to Vancouver, I had a hard time finding a good job so I picked up a camera and fell in love with it all over again.

I’ve always been really good with my hands, creating things and being artistic. I actually wanted to be a hairstylist when I grew up but when I had finished my schooling and started working, turned out that I hated it.

M: What has been the best thing you’ve learned over the years?

N: There have been many times when it has been hard.  As a creative you can battle being uninspired, self-doubt and navigating client relations can sometimes be challenging – but my best advice would be to push through it!  Owning your own business has so many ups and downs, but its about fighting through to the other side. This year, I have really determined to book exactly the kind of clients I want so I can have the client experience that is mutually beneficial.  I believe that we, as business owners, can sometimes be taken for granted by certain people and I want to work with those people who appreciate what I do and the work I create for them.

M: What has been a favourite highlight in your career?

N: There have been so many amazing experiences but one of my favourites was my first time getting published in Wedluxe Magazine. I have been dreaming of seeing my work featured in that magazine ever since I started!

M: How do you keep the creativity flowing:

N: A lot of my inspiration comes from nature.  I am constantly travelling, visiting beautiful places and when I sit and look at the scenery I get inspired to do some sort of creative work.

When I’m feeling a little stuck, I’ll do a styled shoot that will engage my creativity again.  I find that sometimes during wedding season you’ll shoot the same thing, over and over again.. and doing a creatively  styled shoot, even if i’m busy, will give me the momentum to move forward and and that lifts my creative soul.

See more from one of Nomo’s beautifully styled shoots:








Concept & Design :D’Love Affair Weddings & Events  Shoes : Christin Louboutin Shoes  Venue : The Fish House in Stanley Park  Make Up : Jasmine Hoffman  Hair : Annie Mili Hair  Model : Jasmine Lorimer  Dress : Bisou Bridal Jewels : Jeweliette Jewellery  Floral : Ooh La Cherie Stationary : Making Memories For Scrapbooking Cake : Cake By Annie Sweet Tables : Sweet Treats Cupcakes : Sweet Bake Shop Rental : A&B Party Time Rentals Video : Whitney Lane Photography Napkins, Sashes : Key Events & Weddings Chair & End Table : Loungeworks

Simply Sweet Photography with Nomo Akisawa

Floral Tuesday: Going Green

Green: Not your usual floral go-to.

living wall giant

Photo: Green Roofs

Green is such an underused colour for weddings. There are so many kinds, textures and hues that you can use to create a stunning piece. One of the most beautiful advances in greenery design are the living walls you see around town, what genius and what great inspiration! Exposing stems, foliage and introducing new plants that may not be the regulars. Greenery is a great arena to explore for infinite possibilities.

One of our favourite inspiration moments was when we were driving the Hana Highway at 5am on Maui one year. The sun was just coming up and all you could see were the rolling hills and steep cliffs just covered in every emerald hue imaginable. The bamboo forest is an amazing place as well. What a stunner that would be to come into a reception venue looking as if you walked out into paradise!

Try to go beyond the norm, what’s been done before and look at the amazing new things coming out of the world of landscape design. Green can be used in so many facets from the bouquet, ceremony backdrop, centerpieces and even guest favours of topiaries or small succulents.

This is one of our favourite inspirations and we hope it will open up a whole new world when you think of decor for your next event.

living wall succulents


baby's breath centerpiece

Photo: Vancouver Club

hanging greenery wedding

Photo: Christian Oth

green wedding reception

Photo: Vancouver Club

shrub wedding favour

Photo: Vancouver Club

greenery wedding reception

Photo: Josh Gruetzmacher

green and white reception decor

Photo: Niche Event Stylists & Simply Sweet Photography

Try going a little green this year and experiment with all of nature’s emerald hues.

Going green: Not your usual floral suspects

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