Why you NEED a $10 shower curtain

Wedding Hacks Tip #2

One of the easiest ways to improve the look and quality of your phone pics (use a DLSR to show maximum details) is with a simple white shower curtain and a couple of clips you can get from the hardware store. All you have to do is clip it over the window. It softens the light making the light more even over the whole subject. This way, you won’t get blown-out highlights when your phone tries to compensate for the dark shadows on the other side. If you really want to go a step further, you can even get a piece of white paper or foam core (depending on how big your subject is) and hold it up on the opposite side of the object to make the shadow side brighter.

I also find the curtain to be more helpful than a photography light bouncer as a lot of the times there isn’t a ledge or anything I can prop it up against to hold it. Pinning it to the curtains or shades keeps my hands free.

If you are photographing a large family for portraits, a model or even a décor tables, cakes, food or stationery for editorials and you want to keep the detail of the background, use two curtains stitched together for one large diffuser over the whole subject. You can get a couple of assistants to mount it on poles to hold (if you don’t have proper scrim stands) and voilà, beautiful even light on your subject and beautiful even light on the background. We used this for the portrait shown in the example above with the couple in front of the lake.

Here are some examples how you can use this quick tip to improve the look of your work when posting on social media, no matter what your profession is:

Make-up & Hair Artists: Have your subject face directly towards the window light (with the curtain pinned up) for a flattering shot

Cake/Food/Desserts: Pin the curtain in the window, place the item on a nearby table and shoot backlit or 45 degrees and use a piece of paper to bounce light in the front of the food.

Stationers and paper goods: Same as above

Décor & Florists: Shoot 45 degrees to the window or side light with the curtain up and a bounce on the opposite side. This will show texture. If you want to show colour, shoot it with front light using the curtain. You can even shoot it outside in the full sun, just get someone to hold the curtain between it and the sun.

Happy posting!

Wedding Hack #2: How you can use a $10 shower curtain to improve the look of your social media photos, no matter what your profession is.

Wedding Hacks – Tip #1

It’s the morning of the wedding and you’re trying to find a suitable place to hang the Bride’s wedding dress but nothing can be found. The curtain rod is too high and there is no ledge thick enough to hold a heavy wedding gown. The only options you’re left with is to either lay it on the bed or hang it in the closet, both of which are less than ideal to show off the gown.

I was laying in bed, almost asleep when the idea popped into my head. I thank God for all those late nights and early morning wake-ups when you startle yourself awake, alive with a solution to a problem you’ve been mulling over for days. This was one of them. We had a bride a few years ago who was hoping for the iconic dress-in-the-window shot but alas, there was no where to hang the dress in her hotel room. Many hotels don’t seem to offer the spaces needed to artistically hang the dress for a flattering shot. We usually revert to our assistants standing on the window sill whilst holding the gown and then photoshop their arm out later.

This was the much needed solution, a tile lifter!

We picked up this 25lb tile lifter from Home Depot, painted it white to blend in with the back-lighting and voila! The perfect solution for under $20!

Now you can get that perfect shot, no matter where you are!

Learn this simple secret to getting that perfect gown shot, every time!

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